IMF neoliberalism failed in Latin America, says Maduro


CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said the neoliberal economic model of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) failed in Latin America.

In addition, Maduro took the opportunity to point out that, since the IMF has failed, a productive and diversified alternative is being built in his country.

“We are focused on economic recovery, on the articulation of different dimensions of production, on building a real productive economy, not on a paper economy, not an economy dependent on the International Monetary Fund, not on Latin America the neoliberal model of the International Monetary Fund has failed,” said Maduro.

He also took the moment to say that he is facing sanctions imposed by the US.

“Facing the imperialist aggressions , the imperialist blockade, the financial persecution, but we showed in 2019 that with everyone’s effort, with the union of Venezuela, with work, we can move forward,” he said.

Since the beginning of the year, Venezuela has been experiencing one of its biggest political crises, with 54 countries not recognizing Maduro’s reelection, and the US has in every way sought to sanction the Venezuelan government and its sources of capital.

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Earlier this month, Maduro warned that he will take steps to ensure peace in the country, and in his view there is an “absolutely majority” Venezuela that does not want the violence to return.

He declared that he has “hard evidence” that the opposition is organizing violent protests for November.

“I have proof of the attempted ‘protests’ [protests] planned for November. What awaits them is jail and justice. It is what awaits those who enter ‘guarimbas’ again,” the Venezuelan president said at a meeting with Venezuelan scientists.

“In the face of threats, the best solution is work, production and good faith. Venezuela wants peace, and it is peace that we will have,” he emphasized.

Previously, the Venezuelan representative accused former opposition mayor Carlos Ocaríz of preparing “new conspiracies.”

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