India begins development of hypersonic missiles

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NEW DELHI – India does not want to lag behind in the race to develop these new generation weaponry. The country’s military research organization plans to create missiles that are more than 5 times the speed of sound.

India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) has begun a project for the production of hypersonic missiles, according to the Hindustan Times. The US, Russia and China have already tested these new military technologies.

According to an anonymous senior Indian government official quoted in the daily, “a hypersonic weapon system is one of the many niche technologies we are seriously researching.”

In an attempt to boost the national defense industry, DRDO offered 1,500 of its free patents, including those from other military technologies, to the country’s industry, said the organization’s president, G. Satish Reddy.

The intercontinental ballistic missile re-entry into the atmosphere, which have existed for decades, also fly at hypersonic speeds, but the hypersonic gliders vehicles currently under development are much more maneuverable, making your tracking and interception almost impossible.

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In other news, the German newspaper Die Welt has published a recent article about the new Russian tank T-14 Armata, recognizing that it surpasses the German tank Leopard 2 by certain indicators.

Germany and France are jointly developing a new combat vehicle to replace the German Leopard and French Leclerc tanks, but there may be competition between project participants, the author notes.

According to the article , the obstacle is the tank’s main weapon, the cannon. European defense company Rheinmetal, which supplies armaments to Leopard, has developed a 130mm caliber weapon instead of the previous 120mm model.
During a professional conference earlier this year, French weapons manufacturer Nexter reported that it had successfully tested a 140mm cannon mounted on a Terminator vehicle, which is a prototype of the Leclerc tank.

Both groups claim that their weapons are suitable for the Franco-German joint battle tank project, which is called the Basic Ground War System and is due to be adopted in 2038.

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