Iran says it ‘can destroy Israel in 30 minutes’


TEHRAN – The threat from the Iranian official came earlier this month when he said the country was tracking movement at US bases in the region.

Iranian Parliament President Mojtaba Zannour, the president for national security and foreign policy, had threatened Israelis earlier this month, saying that “if Israel or America make a mistake, Israel will not live for more than twenty or thirty minutes,” according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI.

“We are employing an asymmetric war strategy,” Zannour said, explaining that his country is ready to make the forces of its enemies less effective by taking advantage of its weaknesses.

“The United States has 36 bases in the region… The closest is the one in Bahrain, and the farthest is the island of Diego García in the Indian Ocean,” said the official.

“Our drones are ready and tracking every change in the forces of the US military bases. We have a record of fire against most of the enemy forces in the region. If they fire, they will be hit. When the leader [Ali Kamenei] stated that the days of ‘crashing’ and run away ‘passed, he was not kidding […] “, he emphasized.

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He also cited the case of the US drone shot down in the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, saying the incident had served as an example.

Zannour concluded by saying that the country is in a position to make demands and has a strong defense and missile system with the inscription “Death to Israel.”

The relationship between Iran and Israel remains strained as the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) continue with air strikes against alleged Iranian military targets in Syria. In turn, the Iranians say they only have advisers on Syrian territory to fight terrorism in the region and that the country denies Israel’s right to exist.

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