Kiev delegation signs on to Steinmeier Formula for Donbass peace

Kuchma insists on OSCE control of Donbass-Russia border

Leonid Kuchma
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We reported last month on the Ukrainian Foreign Minister’s approval of the Steinmeier Formula and its main points. Leonid Kuchma in the Kiev delegation, and former Ukrainian chief of state, has signed on with his caveats: Today we add the latest bulletin, from October 1, followed by the September 27 report on Kuchma’s assessment.

October 1: The Ukrainian delegation has signed the “Steinmeier formula” at the next meeting of the contact group to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. This was reported by TASS, citing sources close to the talks in Minsk.
“Leonid Kuchma, representing official Kiev at the meeting, signed the document, agreed earlier by the advisers to the heads of the “Norman Four,” the sources said.

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Kuchma offers his “Steinmeier formula” 
September 27: The implementation of the so-called Steinmeier formula is possible after security standards are observed and after establishing control over the Ukrainian-Russian border.
The representative of Ukraine at the talks in Minsk, Leonid Kuchma on Friday, September 27, presented his vision of the formula at a meeting with students in Dnepropetrovsk.
“In brief, according to the Steinmeier formula: My position is very simple and understandable: safety standards and all other standards must be observed – then we are ready to conduct elections. Including issues of the Ukrainian-Russian border. I’m not saying that today we can put Ukrainian border guards there, but at least the OSCE Mission – they don’t let them in there even today. Even when the uncontrolled border is about 450 km – what is that?” said Kuchma at a meeting with students of the Alfred Nobel University Alfred.
According to him, if Ukraine and Russia want to hold democratic elections and “so that the Ukrainian territory really becomes Ukrainian”, and not controlled by Russia, then “everything that meets these standards” needs to be done.
He added that he could not accept the position of some politicians, and was not ready to sign a document that did not include the security of Ukrainians in the Donbass: “When on the other side (from Russia) it sounds like “we are one people”, why are we killing our one people? Therefore, I can’t take the policy that we sometimes get from some politicians, and I don’t want to put my signature on such a document.”
It is very interesting to whom the ex-president of Ukraine addresses the question of the murder of “his people.” Judging by the context, it’s not at all those who give orders to open fire on residents of the DPR and LPR.
Recall that earlier the Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko said that Steinmeier’s formula at the talks in Minsk was not signed due to a “technical misunderstanding”

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