Konashenkov publishes satellite photos proving US theft of Syria’s oil

McCaffrey is right: International piracy

Photos showing oil tanker trucks, oil collection point. Deir Ez-zor and Al Hasakah
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We read in Deutsche RT

Caught: US Syrian Oil Grab
There are dozens of trucks smuggling oil out of Syria under the protection of the US Army. The oil is being actively sought by the USA and then taken out of the country. As proof, the Russian Ministry of Defense presented satellite images.
Serious allegation put to Washington: The Russian Defense Ministry published satellite images to prove massive oil smuggling by the United States from Syria. According to the ministry, the images confirm that “Syrian oil, both before and after the defeat of the Islamic state, is actively produced under the trusted protection of the US military and then sent to tankers for further processing outside Syria.”

The Russian Defense Ministry thus officially opposed the Washington line, that the US troops are only “protecting” the oil wells from Islamist terrorists or “other destabilizing actors”.

Russia has long been calling for the complete withdrawal of US troops from Syria. The US has no mandate under international or US law to increase its military presence in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
Major General Igor Konashenkov even went so far as to accuse the US of “state banditry”. To deny the resources of the Syrian people is incompatible with US law or international standards.

Konashenkov also pointed out that oil production was even bypassing the sanctions imposed by the US on Syria itself. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the US makes about $ 30 million a month (about 27 million euros) in profits from this illegal trade. With such a lucrative business with no taxes and no state control Washington will probably want to exploit the oil fields forever, opines Konaschenkov.

We comment: This shows that the US was already doing what Trump proposed, about getting the oil, though Exxon and other US apparently are not there yet. Probably offshore!

And note General Barry R. McCaffrey’s tweet, screen captured here:

McCaffrey notes US PIRACY
McCaffrey notes US PIRACY


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