MAJOR: Nobel Prize Finally Goes To Someone Who Actually Deserved It – The GREAT Peter Handke (VIDEO)


STOCKHOLM – The Nobel Prize Committee in Stockholm announced the awarding of two Literature Prizes simultaneously: the Polish writer and poet Olga Tokarczuk receives the prize for 2018, as she missed it last year; this year’s prize goes to Austrian playwright, the great Peter Handke. The Austrian immediately found himself in the middle of an unprecedented attack associated with him getting the Literature Nobel Prize.

The reason for attacks against one of the greatest living authors and one of the most prolific writers in modern history is quite controversial, to say the least. During the 1990s, which was a time of NATO’s struggle to redefine itself and find a new purpose of its existence, the alliance decided that aggression on Yugoslavia would actually give it the necessary pretext for continued existence.

However, it needed an excuse. Since NATO declared its mission to be “purely humanitarian”, it needed a “genocidal boogeyman”. The role of the “boogeyman” was unwillingly taken by the Serbs. Or better said, this role was imposed on them by the West. Soon followed a demonization campaign of an entire nation unlike anything seen before. “Butchers of the Balkans” were born.

The Western mainstream media ran stories of Serbian “rape and concentration camps”. Countless stories and articles used misinformation or simply blatant lies. Some of the most notorious examples are: “A million Albanians are unaccounted for” (obviously implying they were all killed by Serbs) and “The Serbian Army raped almost half a million Bosnian women in Sarajevo only” (which has a population of just over 250,000 people).

Peter Handke, a man of unscathed reputation, highly respected for his unbiased views (apart from his amazing work as an author) denounced the demonization attempts and openly supported the Serbian people. He did so at a time when such a move would only bring a lot of troubles to a person. Especially one living and working in the West.

NATO’s cannon fodder footsoldiers in former Yugoslavia (much like ISIS and the moderate headchoppers are today in Syria) did all they could to discredit the great writer. Supported by NATO, Albanian narcoterrorists, who occupied the Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohia, soon invested a lot of money in damaging Handke’s reputation. However, he stood his ground and never renounced his righteous attitude towards what was really happening in the former Yugoslavia.

This Nobel Prize, although long overdue, came at the right time. And despite the fact that the Prize has been discredited multiple times thus far (which is especially true for the so-called “Peace Prize”), this one finally went to the right hands. Peter Handke deserved it and much more. But better late than never.

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