MAJOR – STEINMEIER FORMULA SIGNED: Roadmap to Peace or Just a Piece of Paper (VIDEO)


MINSK – An event that (hopefully) may become a prologue to the end of the war in Donbass has occurred in Minsk on October 2. After many years of sabotage, Ukraine has finally accepted its obligations to implement the Minsk Agreements based on the so-called Steinmeier formula. The German Foreign Minister at the time composed it three years ago when it became totally clear that the Minsk Agreements wouldn’t work. Today, Kiev has signed this formula together with the representatives of the DPR and the LPR. Thus, there are no obstacles to the Norman Four summit at the moment.

After pressure from the leaders of the Norman Four, and the clear absence of any direct US Deep State meddling (which would most definitely like to see the war in Donbass continued) Ukrainians finally decided to accept the agreement. However, this triggered a wave of protests in Ukraine, as the populace, misguided and fed with Russophobic propaganda for over half a decade, is sharply divided on the issue of Donbass. All previous agreements, although officially signed, were never really implemented.

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