Malnutrition, Cholera Add to Yemen’s Suffering (DISTURBING PHOTOS)

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SANAʽA – Since 2015, the already impoverished people of Yemen suffered an even greater menace – the Saudi-led Wahhabi invasion. At least 100,000 people in Yemen have been killed since 2015. Apart from the direct casualties, an estimated 85,000 Yemeni children died due to starvation since the war started. These staggering figures show just how deadly this foreign-instigated war has been. The humanitarian disaster is further amplified by the lack of clean drinking water. War-ravaged Yemenis, especially children, suffer from malnutrition as humanitarian groups warn of unsafe drinking water.

The following pictures show just a small portion of the suffering Yemeni people have been enduring since 2015.

Water is unsafe by any standards but as the water supply is virtually cut off by the invading forces and their stooges on the ground, Yemenis are forced to drink this kind of water, which under normal circumstances wouldn’t even be used to wash the dirt off the streets.


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Women and especially children have been suffering the most since the war started more than 4 years ago.

During the foreign-instigated Yugoslav Wars, the West used hardcore propaganda against the Serbs by either trying to show the Serbs as the “aggressors and genocidal maniacs” (in their own country) while supporting the most radical elements of the former Yugoslav society. The West still insists on made-up “genocides” that were committed by the “evil Serbs”. And yet, the real Genocide the Saudi-led invasion forces have committed against Yemenis goes largely unreported or misreported in the West.

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