Media releases NATO codename for Russia’s powerful Su-57

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MOSCOW – The Russian jet Su-57 is the first Russian stealth fighter. With capabilities far exceeding those of previous generations, the Su-57 is expected to join the Russian Air Force later this year.

NATO would have adopted the code name “Felon” for the device, which in English means “criminal”, “miscreant” or “villain”. The new “villain” of NATO, produced by the PAK-FA company must master the Russian Air Force in the coming years.

With well-developed maneuverability and cruising capability, the Su-57 performs better than previous generations, including the MiG-29 and Su-27 fighters.

NATO uses codenames to identify ships, aircraft, or missiles used by its potential adversaries, such as Russia and China. Seldom does the alliance apply codenames for military equipment from other countries.

NATO had adopted a provisional codename (“Frazor”) for the program of the company that developed the fighter. But now that the alliance has recognized that the jet is here to stay, it has applied a fixed, and much more sinister name.

Meanwhile, Russian diplomats were taken aback by NATO’s purchase of 78,000 Arctic combat-adapted camouflage kits.

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The alliance will purchase “winter operations snow camouflage” which includes 78,000 sets of special pants, jackets and backpacks. The uniforms, as specified on request, can withstand temperatures up to minus 40°C and protect soldiers from “gusts and snow avalanches.”

The order, made in bid form, was originally published in June, but received no response from suppliers. Between July and September, companies from the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Greece won the bid, winning contracts of about $322 million.

The Procurement and Support Agency, which is responsible for purchasing the military alliance, did not specify where such subzero operations could take place.

Russia’s diplomatic representation in NATO has warned the alliance, not without a certain amount of humor, that invading Russia during the winter may not be a good idea. Russian diplomats also made fun of “totally defensive military planning.”

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