Pentagon confirms U.S. military bombed by Turkey in Syria, second Turkish soldier killed

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WASHINGTON DC – US special forces came under fire from the Turkish military during the military operation in northeastern Syria, Newsweek said.

According to a Pentagon source, the US military considered the possibility of self-defense response fire, but abandoned the idea after the Turkish army stopped bombing.

The Newsweek spokesman said Ankara should be aware of the positions of the American military contingent. At the same time, the source could not specify the number of US military personnel under Turkish fire in the town of Kobani (Ain al-Arab).

The Pentagon later officially confirmed that the US military in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Kobani was subjected to artillery fire from Turkish positions and specified that there were no casualties among US military personnel.

Turkish side comments

US Joint Chief of Staff Mark Milley discussed the situation in Syria with Turkish Chief of Staff Yasar Guler.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense said it had taken all necessary steps to ensure that the US observation post was not damaged by bombings of Kurdish positions near that military position.

The second Turkish military officer died during the country’s offensive in northern Syria, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said on Friday.

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“Our brother Haji Bebek died on October 11 during Operation Spring of Peace, in clashes with PKK terrorists and People’s Protection Units (YPG),” Akar said in a statement.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the number of Syrian militia combatants neutralized has reached 342.

Earlier in the day, Akar announced the first Turkish military loss in the operation.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launch of the offensive , dubbed Operation Spring Peace, in northeastern Syria on Wednesday.

The operation targets the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), predominantly Kurdish, and supposedly Daesh. Turkey views the SDF in Syria as an extension of the PKK, which has been classified by Ankara as a terrorist organization.

According to recent statements by the Kurdish Democratic People’s Party in Syria, the operation has left dozens of civilians dead, hundreds injured and thousands displaced since the start of the raid.

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