POLITICAL CHAOS: Volker Controversy Escalates, Trump Impeachment Slipping Out of Biden’s Hands (VIDEOS)


WASHINGTON, D.C./KIEV – One of the highlights of the current Ukrainegate 2.0 is the resignation of US Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker against the backdrop of a scandal with a possible impeachment of Trump because of Ukraine. In parallel with this, the UN General Assembly was held, where Russian Minister Lavrov spoke. But was it parallel at all? Mike Pompeo, whom Lavrov talked with on the sidelines of the General Assembly, is involved in the scandal and, like Volker, is expected to appear before Congress.

In the meantime, Kiev is requesting that all talks between Putin and Zelensky are declassified while Washington wants the same for Putin and Trump. Recently, Germany got offended by Zelensky due to his criticism of Angela Merkel. Meanwhile, Ukraine is in mourning. The first victim of the international scandal caused by the publication of the transcript of a call between Zelensky and Trump is Kurt Volker, a loyal servant of Reichskommissariat Ukraine.

However, the publication of negotiations between the leaders of Russia and the U.S. is possible only if there’s mutual consent. This is what Dmitry Peskov stated in regard to the demand of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee to publish the contents of Trump’s telephone conversations with world leaders. Zelensky said that he naively believed that the Americans would publish only Trump’s words. The time before an election in America is a period in which games without any rules are played. And these games continue. Now, there are calls that Trump’s attorney Guiliani not be allowed to appear on TV.

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