POWERFUL Russian version of the AR-15 rifle is presented at fair in Moscow

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MOSCOW – The semi-automatic rifle ORSIS-AR15J, a Russian version of the popular American model AR-15, will be presented in Moscow.

The new weapon to be presented to the public at the Arms & Hunting 2019 fair in Moscow is an analog of one of the world’s most popular semi-automatic rifle models – the American AR-15. The company that developed the new model is the Russian ORSIS, part of the Promtexnologiya consortium.

“The Russian analogue of the semi-automatic rifle AR-15 developed by ORSIS will be presented to the public for the first time at the Arms & Hunting 2019 sporting and hunting weapon trade show. During the fair, we will demonstrate the technical capabilities of the rifle as well as the results. obtained during the tests,” said a company representative.

The ORSIS AR15J model is an analogue of the US AR-15 model, a 5.56 × 45 mm semi-automatic rifle, which was originally developed as an advanced assault rifle for the US Army.

The US AR-15 rifle, in turn, was based on the Colt AR-15 project. In 1977 the rifle patent expired, creating a promising market for analog development.

The Russian company, however, went further and modified the structure of the rifle barrel to significantly improve its accuracy and durability.

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The Arms & Hunting exhibition will take place in Moscow from October 10th to 13th.

Meanwhile, state consortium Kalashnikov, Russia’s leading manufacturer of small arms, has conducted “an extreme test” to show how many shots its AK-74M assault rifle can fire non-stop.

To determine the number of shots in a row that the weapon can fire without damage, the company’s experts used an AK-74M , produced in 2014, with 26 loaders with 30 bullets each.

According to the requirements of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the AK-74M must be able to shoot at least 180 consecutive shots in a fully automatic, uninterrupted mode, the Russian consortium points out.

One of the toughest tests for firearms is the long series of shots, as some of their parts can heat up to extreme temperatures if they don’t have time to cool down.

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