Putin: US exit from INF treaty is linked to fears about Asia

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MOSCOW – Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized Washington’s plans to deploy short- and medium-range ballistic missiles in Asia, saying they could hit Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the US short- and medium-range ballistic missile deployment plan in the Asian region is of concern to Russia as such missiles could reach Russia.

“The United States came out of the INF Treaty and three months later tested a missile. This is very bad as Pentagon officials have officially announced that they intend to deploy their weapons in Asia. They are already negotiating with Japan and Korea.” South,” Putin said during a meeting of heads of state of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Still according to Putin, the departure of the US from the INF Treaty was a move related to its fears about Asia. The Russian president also hinted that Washington’s action would target Russia .

“It is quite clear who is the number 1 target in this case. This does not please us because it also affects us,” added Vladimir Putin.

Putin added that Russia will remain vigilant about these US plans in Asia and that Moscow will not ignore the Pentagon’s strategy.

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“Of course we will see where they will actually deploy [the missiles], but it will hit Russian territory,” Putin said.

INF Treaty exit

The United States exited the INF Treaty on October 20 last year. Washington previously accused Russia of violating the deal.

Shortly after leaving, the US tested missiles previously banned by the treaty. Due to the short interval between treaty exit and testing, it is believed that the US already had such missiles before exit, although this was prohibited.

In addition, Pentagon officials have shown keen interest in deploying missiles on the Asian continent. This is without a doubt to maintain pressure strong pressure against both Russia and China.

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