Rouhani says Iran’s international power increased after US sanctions

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TEHRAN – Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that Tehran had overcome US pressure and increased its power on the international stage, gaining greater recognition from other nations.

“In political and international terms, the Islamic Republic of Iran now has firmer positions,” Rouhani told a television news conference.

According to the president, all the major powers of the United Nations recognize that Iran has increased its strength this year. Rouhani said all statistics show that Tehran managed to overcome the crisis created by attempts by the United States and other nations to harm Iran.

US sanctions hit various sectors

Since the unilateral withdrawal of the nuclear pact in May 2018, the United States has been replacing sanctions against Iranians, targeting sectors such as oil, metallurgy, finance, banking, trade, arms development. In addition, the US has imposed travel restrictions and currency freezing.

The crisis escalated after Iran cut back on its obligations under the agreement after the first anniversary of the US exit from the pact.

Tehran seeks to put pressure on its European partners in the deal, which it says is committed to its maintenance. French President Emmanuel Macron leads efforts to preserve the pact and reduce friction between Iranians and Americans.

Europe has desperately been trying to rescue the deal.

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According to EU diplomacy chief Federica Mogherini, the UN ministerial meeting on the Iranian nuclear agreement in September demonstrates unity to preserve the document and ensure its implementation.

Participants at the Ministerial Meeting of the Global Joint Action Plan Commission (JCPOA) Commission in New York on Wednesday reaffirmed their commitment to preserving Iran’s nuclear agreement and working to overcome current difficulties in its implementation, Mogherini said.

“Attendees [of the New York meeting] recalled that JCPOA… remains a key element of the global nuclear nonproliferation architecture and a significant achievement of multilateral diplomacy,” Mogherini told reporters after the meeting.

“They emphasized the importance of full and effective implementation of the JCPOA on all sides and confirmed their determination to continue efforts to preserve the agreement, which is in everyone’s interest,” she emphasized.

Mogherini added that JCPOA participants “will continue to work with the unity of purpose” to try to preserve the nuclear deal with Iran “without ignoring the challenges.”

“I will not hide that it is increasingly difficult to do so, and we are discussing today […] we will try to keep sticking to the agreement and overcome the difficulties we face,” said the head of EU diplomacy.

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