Russia conducts counterterrorism exercises with about 13,000 military personnel

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MOSCOW – Russia conducts military exercises in the East Military District for comprehensive verification of counter-terrorism units. Military personnel will perform ground reconnaissance and wound evacuation tasks.

About 13,000 military personnel are gathered to conduct military exercises in eastern Russia. During the exercises, the military should repel attacks on military targets, as well as carry out operations in unfamiliar territory, the East Military District reported.

“In eight regions of the Far East of Russia, the start was made for the comprehensive verification exercises of the counter-terrorism units of the East Military District. There are about 13,000 troops, who will mobilize about 1.5 weapons, military equipment and special apparatus.”

The report notes that anti-terrorist units will repel attacks on weapons and fuel depots, headquarters and checkpoints, military vehicle parking lots, among others.

Some units will move to other regions to perform tasks in unfamiliar territory.

Considering the contemporary characteristics of the battlefield, the exercises will pay special attention to ground recognition, both in its chemical and radioactive aspects, and in its engineering structure. Another priority area will be the evacuation of the injured.

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Meanwhile, former Serbian chief of staff Gen. Ljubisa Divokic said the presence of S-400 systems in his country for joint military exercises is a sign of confidence. Following the exercises, Serbia confirmed the purchase of Pantsir-S mobile anti-aircraft artillery systems.

Former Serbian chief of staff Gen. Ljubisa Dikovic said that he believed Russia only brought its S-400 systems to Serbia because it trusted the Slavic country and considered it a reliable partner.

“The presence of these systems on our territory is a sign of unprecedented trust and friendship. It is very important for Serbia and our security system,” said the general.

A division of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems and a battery of Pantsir-S mobile anti-aircraft artillery systems participated in the second phase of the joint Slavyasnsky Schit 2019 (Slavic Shield) military exercises . The exercises focused on air defense training.

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