Russia develops ‘cheap and efficient’ drone hunters

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MOSCOW – During the Interpolitex 2019 Defense Equipment Fair, the Russian military academy RVSN exhibited designs of “cheap and efficient” drone hunters in expert opinion.

In addition to the emergence of increasingly powerful missiles and armored vehicles, 21st century armed conflicts have demonstrated their sophistication by the increasing use of drones.

Apart from the importance of drones for intelligence operations, unmanned aircraft have been armed to perform surgical attacks as accurately as possible.

Faced with such a threat, Russia’s Peter the Great Military Academy of Strategic Missiles (RVSN) is exhibiting various weapons capable of dropping drones at the Interpolitex 2019 Defense Equipment Fair, which is taking place from 22 to 25 this month in Moscow.

Solar powered drone

The first weaponry exhibited was an unmanned small aircraft designed to detect and shoot down small drones, as published by the RT channel.

Wing-shaped, the device is equipped with a solar panel on its top, using solar energy to move. In addition, the aircraft has an electric motor and a block of disposable gunpowder accelerators, allowing for a sudden increase in flight speed.

Other than that, the unmanned aircraft has a camera system that aims to detect other drones in the air. The aircraft trajectory can be programmed without a ground operator having to control the aircraft at all times.

Once the target is detected, the drone gives the operator the option to open fire on the opponent. For this, the device was equipped with a laser sight able to measure the distance to the target and assist the aim.

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These features make the drone capable of shooting down other unmanned aircraft. However, its central function would be to hunt down and destroy drones made under home conditions.

According to Dmitry Danilochev, a director of RVSN, conflicts such as the civil war in Syria have demonstrated the great risk that home-made drones pose in an armed conflict.

“When it comes to drones from major manufacturers, their information channels, frequency, geographic location and tactical characteristics are known… However, shooting down a home-made drone is much more difficult. However, our weaponry should simplify this work,” Danilochev’s said.

In both air and land

In addition to the hunter drone, RVSN has developed a portable laser weaponry capable of disrupting drone communications with its carrier base.

What’s more, the weaponry is capable of attacking aircraft at a 360 ° angle.

According to Dmitry Kornev, founder of the Military Russia portal, the use of laser weapons to combat drones is “cheap and efficient,” as the channel reported.

This feature will be critical to its use in combat by the military.

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