Russian Prime Minister: US Test Principles of Illegitimate Coup d’etats in Latin American Countries


HAVANA – The United States is testing coups d’état in Latin American nations to topple undesirable governments and interfering in other countries’ affairs, says Russian Prime Minister.

Speaking to students at the University of Havana in Cuba on Friday, Dmitry Medvedev said they must decide which path to take to advance Cuba in an increasingly complex world characterized by unpredictability and a variety of challenges.

“First of all, I am referring to the reluctance of many countries to recognize that the modern world has become multipolar and the related violations of the most important international principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter.”

According to Medvedev, it is about respect for sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs, and the inadmissibility of the use of force or the threat of force.

“Attempts to replace the norms of international law with rules that are established by a narrow circle of selected countries are becoming increasingly transparent, and often, in fact, which stifles being prepared in one country to then pass these decisions as a supposedly existing international order, as if it were a position of the entire international community, to spread it around the globe,” said Medvedev.

US policy

As Medvedev explained, a new model of all kinds of interference in sovereign affairs is being tested in the Latin American region.

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“And in this case, the U.S. is acting not only with the help of a small power, as is commonly said in international affairs, but in fact demanding change of governments and sticking its nose in any case, in any decision taken by all countries,” he added.

The Russian Prime Minister stressed that the U.S. “allocates money to destabilize the political system , and sometimes only to intervene directly, while not allowing it to be criticized.”

Resolution of the crisis in Venezuela

In addition, Medvedev explained that Venezuelan internal affairs must be decided by Venezuelan citizens.

“I believe internal disagreements, which can happen in countries and which are nothing special, can and should be resolved by Venezuelans themselves through negotiations in strict accordance with the national constitution,” said the Russian prime minister.

“There is another obvious thing. There can be only one president in Venezuela, who was elected in accordance with the constitution of his country, and today is Nicolás Maduro,” he added.

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