Russian Space Science Making a Comeback (VIDEOS)


Samara, Russia – Russia’s space sector has been going through a gradual revival recently, with Russia getting back to the top of the world’s strides to space. Apart from Russia being the only supplier of the most reliable space rocket engines ever built, it is also the only way for most of the Western countries to get to space. It goes to the point that NATO countries are doing anything they can in order to circumvent sanctions, just so they could get their hands on Russia’s space rocket engine.  Even NASA hails Russia’s space tech as superior to their own.

Russia also announced its intention to land on Moon. Also, in late July, Russia launched its deep space exploration probe, which will be of great benefit to the science of the entire world. Russia’s scientists are also seriously discussing the possibilities of deep space travel.

At the same time, Russia is helping a number of other countries around the world to get to space. African countries have entered the Space Race for the first time ever, with Angola already set to launch its satellites with Russia’s help. Russia’s old friend, India, is also making strides towards cosmos and again, Russia is there to help, especially with regards to rocket engines and manned missions to space.

In the meantime, the United States is moving in to ruin everything by announcing the militarization of space. Of course, Russia, although unwilling to do so itself, is moving forward to respond in kind by launching multiple military satellites in a single day.

The entire country is working together to ensure Russia’s success in space. Researchers from Samara University have developed a system to combat space debris. They built a model of a tug-collector. The orbital cleaner will work as a gravitational trap: it’ll attract objects to itself and then eliminate them with a special laser.

During the Cold War, Russia (USSR at the time) was a premier space power. The Western media likes to claim how the Space Race was won by the United States after the Moon landings, but the Space Race never really stopped, although it did slow down significantly after the collapse of the Soviet Union. We could argue that many things in the Soviet Union were far from perfect, however, the Soviet Space Program was one of a kind, and it was also what really pushed the US Space Program.

After 1991, the West (and by extension NASA) watched triumphantly as their liberal Russian stooges of the ’90s were ravaging the USSR and what was left of it. However, this also made them sloppy and unmotivated, while Russia simply lacked the resources of the USSR, even for the most important projects, such as the Buran, which was the “Russian space shuttle” or the Polyus laser orbital weapons platform designed to destroy Strategic Defense Initiative satellites with a megawatt carbon-dioxide laser.

Although the Russian Space Program has not just been saved but also improved after 2000, much has been lost during the ’90s. Just how much Russia and the world lost due to the collapse of the USSR is probably best described in the following short documentary by “Lord Varys”.

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