‘Russia’s most powerful ship’: Admiral Nakhimov is ‘potent threat’

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MOSCOW – Cruiser Admiral Nakhimov is undergoing a profound renewal of his firepower and is rated “the most powerful ship in Russia” by the American magazine Military Watch.

The vessel belongs to the class of Soviet cruisers Kirov. Developed in the 1980s, the Admiral Nakhimov is one of four built specimens of this class.

Powered by nuclear power, the Admiral Nakhimov was already surprising at its armament and capabilities before renovation work began.

In order to bring the vessel into the 21st century war scenario, the Russian Navy decided to change both Admiral Nakhimov’s defensive and attacking equipment, as reviewed by Military Watch magazine.

3M22 Tsirkon
Previously, the Admiral Nakhimov had as its main armament against ships the P-700 Granit missile . With a maximum range of 625 km, the Granit will give way to the 3M22 Tsirkon missile.

The weapon can reach Mach 10 speed and has a range of 1,000 km, far exceeding the American Harpoon’s 130 km radius. These features make Tsirkon capable of hitting any existing surface vessel .

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Air Defense

Also the defensive capabilities of Admiral Nakhimov will change. Until then, the ship was equipped with an S-300 air defense system. With the new upgrade, an S-400 system will be installed to replace the older S-300 as it can fire hyperpersonic missiles like the 40N6E.

The weapon is capable of intercepting and destroying other supersonic missiles, while the 48N6E2, which will also be in the Admiral Nakhimov, flying at a top speed of 2,100 m/s, can strike targets at long and medium range.

Admiral Nakhimov is believed to have on board more than 100 hypersonic missiles and a large number of Kalibr missiles.

In this way, modifications to this war apparatus will make the Admiral Nakhimov the most powerful ship in Russia as it was titled by the magazine, but also perhaps, one of the most powerful in the world.

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