Sign of ‘Russian submarine’ causes hysteria in Sweden

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STOCKHOLM – The coded radio signal, which was intercepted by a Swedish submarine and triggered a mega-operation to search for Russian submarine, was emitted by a weather buoy.

Svenska Dagbladet journalists found that in October 2014 in the southern Stockholm archipelago, the signal, which Swedes believed was issued by an invading Russian submarine, was issued by a failed weather buoy.

During the mega operation, media outlets suggested the possibility of it being a Russian mini-submarine.

The Russian Ministry of Defense emphasized that small or ultra-small submarines could not be in Swedish waters simply because they were no longer part of the Russian navy’s arsenal.

The search lasted about a week, with about 20 million SEK spent.

Megaoperation Completion

Upon completion of the mega operation, Swedish Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist said that the Swedish Armed Forces “received confirmation that there was a foreign submarine in Swedish waters”.

According to Svenska Dagbladet, the error occurred when the Swedish submarine crew was looking for moving objects.

This also comes as Norwegian website AldriMer published on September 27 news that Russian special forces fighters were found in neighboring mainland Norway, as well as in the Svalbard archipelago.

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Norwegian and NATO intelligence sources were quoted by the site, which said Russian military personnel conducted field reconnaissance in the above-mentioned areas and reviewed critical facilities.

However, the Russian embassy in Oslo stated that the news about “Russian special forces in Norway” is not true.

“We can only characterize it as gross provocation. We consider the publication part of the systematic work done in Norway by certain circles to plant the image of an enemy in Russia,” the Russian embassy said.

How to stifle excessive spending of Norway?

Russian diplomats stressed that this was a Norwegian “clumsy attempt” to justify their increase in defense spending. Such methods “do not correspond to journalistic ethics,” the embassy concluded.

The Svalbard Archipelago is located in the Arctic Ocean between the 76th and 80th parallels and has a special international legal status.

The 1920 Treaty established Norway’s sovereignty in this territory, and Treaty member countries (including Russia) have the right to exploit natural resources and territorial waters. Currently, Russia remains the only country present on the islands besides Norway.

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