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This Daily FRN News Brief is a summary of 12, articles about Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Latin-America, Russia, United-States, Mena, Opinions, Syria, World, Sudan, Iran, Israel, Latvia, Nato, China, Defense, Finance, Politics, Isis, Austria, Eu, Crime, Ksa, Yemen.

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Russian Prime Minister: US Test Principles of Illegitimate Coup d’etats in Latin American Countries

Published 2019-10-05 16:30:12 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, Eurasia, Headline-News, Latin-America, Russia, United-States

HAVANA – The United States is testing coups d’état in Latin American nations to topple undesirable governments and interfering in other countries’ affairs, says Russian Prime Minister. Speaking to students at the University of Havana in Cuba on Friday, Dmitry Medvedev said they must decide which path to take to advance Cuba in an increasingly complex world characterized by unpredictability and a variety of challenges. “First of all, I am referring to the reluctance of many countries to recognize that the modern world has become multipolar and the related violations of the most important international principles enshrined in the United… Continue ->

Tags: LATAM, Latin America, Medvedev, Rusia, US, Venezuela

Flores: How to create war like Syria – Herland Report TV

Published 2019-10-05 16:05:52 by Guest Author in Headline-News, Mena, Opinions, Syria

“Truth is the first casualty of war, the narratives become polarized,” says Joaquin Flores, editor-in-chief of Fort Russ News and director for Center for Syncretic Studies in Belgrade. “I am not saying the truth is somewhere in the middle, because that just simply creates the incentive for both sides to exaggerate further, to push the middle over to their side.   We’ve seen that in Syria.” “To the extent that we’ve seen in the Western narrative that Assad is gassing his own people, murdering his own people, these are fictions. Was their repression? Were there imprisonments? Torture? Are there… Continue ->

Tags: Herland Report, Lenin, NGO, Syria, Video

Flores UNRAVELS Sudan Intrigues – MidEaStream

Published 2019-10-05 15:51:00 by Guest Author in World, Headline-News, Opinions, Sudan

A new Sudan agreement ushers in a new governing council, including both civilians and generals, to pave the way towards elections and civilian rule and the establishment of an independent investigation into the crackdown on protesters by the security forces. Flores engages with Marwa Osman and explains on Mid East Stream how and why its not all that meets the eye.     ****

Tags: Marwa Osman, Mideastream, PressTV, Video

Iranian commander warns Israel will be erased from political maps in case of new war

Published 2019-10-05 15:30:42 by Paul Antonopoulos in Headline-News, Iran, Israel, Mena

TEHRAN – Major General Hossein Salami, one of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard chiefs, warned Israel against a new war, saying such an “error” would lead to annihilation. The top Iranian military commander praised Iran’s deterrent system as one that has helped keep enemies at bay and offset economic pressures exerted on the Islamic Republic by the US and its allies over the past year. To prove his point, Hossein Salami, speaking at a meeting of Islamic Revolution leader Ali Khamenei with senior IRGC commanders on Wednesday, stressed that Tel Aviv is no longer seen as a threat due to an improvement… Continue ->

Tags: Iran, IRGC, Israel

NATO catfishes own soldiers on Tinder during exercises near Russia

Published 2019-10-05 14:30:59 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Latvia, Nato, Russia

RIGA, Latvia – NATO soldiers fell into a trap organized by an information security team and went to Tinder meetings with a nonexistent woman, reports Der Tagesspiegel. According to the newspaper, some NATO soldiers who participated in exercises in Latvia near the Russian border flirted with women in Tinder in their free time. Allegedly two soldiers left their post one night to meet a woman in violation of the rules. However, the meeting never happened because the woman’s profile was created by NATO’s Center for Strategic Communications Excellence. The center, based in the Latvian capital Riga, is said to be… Continue ->

Tags: Latvia, NATO, Russia, Tinder

New Chinese supersonic drone is bad news for United States

Published 2019-10-05 13:30:46 by Paul Antonopoulos in Anglo-5, China, Eurasia, Headline-News, United-States

BEIJING – During the grand October 1 military parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the country unveiled several new weapons, including the WZ-8 hypersonic drone. While DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missiles have attracted great attention among the new weapons introduced, WZ-8 surveillance and reconnaissance drones have the most significant implications for the future capabilities of the Chinese Army, writes Military Watch magazine. While the DF-41 missiles can carry nuclear warheads farther, faster, in larger quantities, and with greater reliability than previous missiles, the weapon only represents an improvement on an existing capability… Continue ->

Tags: China, Drone, US

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How Putin Single-handedly Engineered Russia-China Alliance and Helped China Become a Superpower (VIDEOS)

Published 2019-10-05 12:00:48 by Drago Bosnic in China, Defense, Eurasia, Finance, Headline-News, Politics, Russia

MOSCOW/BEIJING – During the last two weeks, Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with a Chinese top official twice. As for Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin meets with him at least 5 times a year. They’re connected not only by business relations but also by friendship. And friendship isn’t an empty word for the Chinese people. Under Putin, Russian-Chinese thaw from the late 1990s/early 2000s gained the outline of a full-blown alliance. The prospects of having to fight a united Russia and China was always a strategic nightmare for the West. And it almost happened in the starting years of the… Continue ->

Tags: China, Economy, Military, Putin, Russia, Xi Jinping

4 Years Later – How Russian Intervention in Syria Saved the Country (VIDEO)

Published 2019-10-05 11:00:39 by Drago Bosnic in Eurasia, Headline-News, Isis, Mena, Russia, Syria

DAMASCUS – September 30 marked the fourth anniversary of the Federation Council’s approval granted to President Vladimir Putin to use the Russian Armed Forces abroad. It was a move of crucial importance for Syria, which at that moment was torn to pieces by terrorists from the barbarian caliphate, the armed opposition, and various armed gangs. The Americans also had their interests in Syria. They demanded the immediate resignation of the legitimate president, Bashar Assad. Unlike the U.S., whose armed forces began to bomb Syria without UN sanction or any other legal basis, the Russian Armed Forces began the operation only… Continue ->

Tags: Geopolitics, International Relations, Russia, Syria, Terrorism, War

Discover what Russia’s most powerful aircraft is

Published 2019-10-05 10:30:09 by Paul Antonopoulos in Eurasia, Headline-News, Russia

WASHINGTON DC – US magazine The National Interest in a recent article described the Russian transport aircraft Il-76 as the most powerful of Russian Air Force aircraft. According to the media, the Russian army ranks second in the world in terms of air mobility, being surpassed only by the United States. One of the main factors driving the creation of a large air transport fleet is the Airborne Forces in Russia. The Il-76, considered the Russian Armed Forces’ main transport aircraft, is capable of carrying three airborne infantry BMD armored vehicles – enough to equip an Airborne Forces platoon, the… Continue ->

Tags: Russia

Austrians Not Impressed by Fake Ibiza-gate, Kurz Wins Anyway (VIDEO)

Published 2019-10-05 10:00:02 by Drago Bosnic in Austria, Eu, Eurasia, Headline-News, Politics

VIENNA – The so-called Ibiza-gate doesn’t mean anything to up to 70% of Austrians. This is what the Vienna-based Kurier had for an answer to the surprised reactions of their foreign colleagues. How could Chancellor Kurz, who was technically evicted from his post, be reinstated to his prime minister’s chair in just four months after a scandal at a Spanish resort? According to the polls, the answer is obvious. The voters didn’t believe in the image-undermining provocation and gave Kurz’s Austrian People’s Party 38% of the votes. Despite being an EU member state, Austria has wisely kept its neutrality. One… Continue ->

Tags: Austria, Eu, Politics, Sebastian Kurz

Eurasian Economic Union Keeps Growing as New Members Join the Common Market (VIDEO)

Published 2019-10-05 09:00:20 by Drago Bosnic in Eurasia, Finance, Headline-News, Mena, Politics, Russia

YEREVAN – The acceleration of the integration processes in the former Soviet Union continues unabated (with the processes not being limited to the economy only). With a land area of more than 20 million square kilometers and over 185 million consumers, the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) is one of the largest economic unions in the world. Initially thought of as a way to economically reintegrate the post-Soviet space, the EAEU is determined to expand cooperation and economic integration beyond the borders of the former Soviet Union. Apart from Tajikistan, which is a former Soviet republic, Mongolia and Syria have expressed… Continue ->

Tags: EAEU, Economy, Geopolitics, Russia

Malnutrition, Cholera Add to Yemen’s Suffering (DISTURBING PHOTOS)

Published 2019-10-05 08:00:52 by Drago Bosnic in Anglo-5, Crime, Eu, Headline-News, Ksa, Mena, Nato, Politics, United-States, Yemen

SANAʽA – Since 2015, the already impoverished people of Yemen suffered an even greater menace – the Saudi-led Wahhabi invasion. At least 100,000 people in Yemen have been killed since 2015. Apart from the direct casualties, an estimated 85,000 Yemeni children died due to starvation since the war started. These staggering figures show just how deadly this foreign-instigated war has been. The humanitarian disaster is further amplified by the lack of clean drinking water. War-ravaged Yemenis, especially children, suffer from malnutrition as humanitarian groups warn of unsafe drinking water. The following pictures show just a small portion of the suffering… Continue ->

Tags: Saudi Arabia, USA, War Crimes, Yemen

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