These five countries could buy the new Russian T-14 Armata tank


National Interest has published an article highlighting at least 5 countries that might be interested in purchasing the new Russian T-14 Armata tank in the future.

The T-14 was first shown to the public during a military parade in Russia in 2015, along with other equipment using the same Armata base.

The structural features make it potentially the most dangerous tank in the world, according to the media. However, which countries can become candidates for the purchase of this Russian armament?


According to the publication, India is a potential buyer of these Russian tanks. According to the author, for Indian terrain most western tanks, such as Leopard 2A7 and M1A2 Abrams, are too heavy.

Moreover, it is not certain that the Arjun Mk. 2 domestic production tank can overcome its predecessor’s bad reputation and controversy.


Another major world power that could acquire the tanks is China, which, according to the magazine, would probably import the Armata tank to analyze them and modernize its own military equipment in order to create tanks that can compete with the Russians in export.


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Algeria has experience in cooperating with Russia and has some of the most advanced Russian weapons in its Armed Forces. These are T-90 tanks or Su-30MKA fighters.

Algeria’s acquisition of Armata would guarantee its supremacy as one of the most powerful armed forces in its region and the Maghreb, and even in Africa, said the author.


The article also underlines Russia’s enhanced cooperation with Egypt, indicating that Russia could opt for Russian rather than Western armaments.

Both Egypt and Iraq have ceased to use US-made export versions of the Abrams tank and are back to using Russian-made armor with their recent T-90 purchases, the article stated.


United Arab Emirates is the last country on NI’s proposed list of potential customers for exporting the new Russian tank. UAE have French LeClerc tanks in service. Such a tank was drilled by an old Konkurs anti-tank missile, which killed the driver and injured the tank commander, the publication indicates.

As a result, the UAE wanted to modernize LeClerc, but if France is unable to do so, it could mean that Armata would become an interesting option to buy , the article concludes.

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