Turkey condemns Arab League statement on Syria operation


ANKARA – Turkey has condemned the Arab League statement about the Ankara operation in northern Syria, said Turkish presidential administration communications director Fahrettin Altun.

On Saturday, Arab League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit urged Turkey to immediately halt the military operation against Kurdish units in northern Syria and to withdraw troops from the territory of the Arab republic.

The organization’s statement said member states had agreed to consider political and economic measures against Turkey on what they call the invasion.

Altun used Twitter to show his discontent about the Arab League’s position.

“I strongly condemn the Arab League for mischaracterizing Turkey’s counter-terrorism operation in northeastern Syria as an “invasion” in a statement issued earlier today,” the Turkish official said on Twitter. “We are fully aware that government which dislike Turkey’s advocacy for Palestinians, objections against handing over Jerusalem to occupiers and calling things as we see them –including coups, murders, and the bombardment of civilians in Yemen— do not speak for the Arab world.”

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“We can only take pride in the fact that governments, which did not mind the terrorist organization PKK’s occupation of a predominantly Arab area, the displacement of Arab civilians from their lands, or the destruction of Arab villages, are unsettled by #OperationPeaceSpring,” he added without a sense of irony because the Turkish military has occupied and displaced Greek people from northern Cyprus since 1974.

For him, the statement of the organization does not reflect the position of the Arab world.

On Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launch of the Peace Spring military operation in northern Syria against Daesh (the Russian banned terrorist group) and the PKK, which Ankara designates as a terrorist.

Air operations began on the same day in the town of Ras al-Ain in Al Hasakah province, while ground operations began shortly thereafter.

The Turkish offensive in northern Syria is part of Ankara’s longstanding goal of clearing its border area of ​​Daesh Kurdish militias and terrorists and creating a security zone along the border.

The military operation has already resulted in civilian deaths on both sides of the border. Damascus sees the operation as a violation of Syria’s territorial integrity.

The offensive has also been condemned by western countries. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made statements against the operation. Similarly, Germany and France have suspended arms sales to Turkey.

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