Turkish-Russian settlement in Syria is historic step that will push US from the region

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SOCHI – Turkish experts commented on the historic agreement between Turkey and Russia on the situation in Syria, concluded by both countries after a meeting between Putin and Erdogan in the Russian city of Sochi.

For Turkish historian Mehmet Perincek this agreement is “truly historic, as it begins a new stage in Turkish-Syrian relations.”

“As a result of the meeting a historic agreement was reached. The parties agreed on several important points. The first point concerns the positioning of Russian forces and the Syrian government in territories previously under the control of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the US, as well as the disarmament of Kurdish formations in the region and, consequently, the final suppression of their attempts to create an autonomous state formation,” noted Perincek.

“This, in turn, means that the threat to Turkey’s security at the border is completely removed. The second point concerns the recognition of the Turkish presence in the region. In general, the agreement entered into starts a new stage in Turkish-Syrian relations,” he said.

According to the historian, the agreement between Russia and Turkey is also of great importance in terms of eliminating the US presence in the region.

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“We can say that the Turkish-Russian memorandum on Syria has put an end to US attempts to implement the Greater Kurdistan project and a Kurdish corridor in the region. In addition, this document will contribute to the final elimination of the US presence not only in But it will also set the stage for the joint opposition of the two countries to US subversive activities in Iraq,” he said.

Political observer Ceyhun Bozkurt pointed out that “with this agreement Russia recognized Turkey’s status as an influential actor active in Syria.”

“For Turkey, this means a very significant advantage. According to the paragraph of the memorandum on Turkey and Russia’s joint fight against terrorism in all its manifestations, new opportunities for the two countries to jointly fight against terrorism will open up. This is also an important achievement for Turkey The paragraph of the document on the withdrawal of terrorist elements from Manbij and Tell Rifaat will contribute to the effective fight against terrorism by Turkey and the west Euphrates,” said the expert.

“Before, the US controlled northeastern Syria. From now on, these territories came under the control of Turkey and Russia. The US lost in this region, and its plans for the creation of a Syrian Kurdistan, or Rojava, fell definitively and irrevocably in the dumpster of history,” Bozkurt concluded.

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