U.S. truck convoy enters Syria to evacuate bases

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QAMISHLI – A convoy of US trucks crossed the Iraqi border and entered Syria to evacuate US military bases in the north.

According to the Syrian news agency SANA, a US truck convoy has entered Syria to just evacuate US military bases in the north of the country, where Turkey is conducting Operation Fountain of Peace against Kurdish groupings.

The agency reports that the convoy of trucks, accompanied by US military vehicles , drove from northern Iraq to the Syrian city of Al-Qamishli with the aim of completing the process of evacuating US military bases in Syria.

Earlier, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said the nearly 1,000 US military personnel who had been withdrawn from northern Syria would be deployed in western Iraq.

Operation Fountain of Peace

On October 9, Turkey announced the start of Operation Peace Fountain, which began with air strikes against Kurdish positions. The announced objective of the operation is to create a security zone on the border between Syria and Turkey.

The SANA agency called the operation “aggression”. The Syrian government of Bashar Assad has condemned Turkey’s occupation policy in northeastern Syria.

Russia said Turkey should avoid actions that could make it difficult to resolve the Syrian conflict , which has continued since 2011.

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No one is interested in a clash between Ankara and Damascus “on the ground,” Russia will not allow it, said Russian President Aleksandr Lavrentiev’s special representative for Syria.

“I think in the first place it is not even about anyone being interested in the confrontation, but that it is simply unacceptable. So of course we will not allow it,” Lavrentiev told reporters.

Webs of war

On October 1, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the creation of his own safe zone in northern Syria.

On October 5, Ankara launched Operation Fountain of Peace in an attempt to eliminate the “terrorist threat” – the Kurdish militias and the Daesh group, and to promote a phased return of some 3 million refugees previously welcomed by Turkey.

On October 7, in the midst of the Turkish offensive, the US ordered the remaining American soldiers to leave Syria.

After striking a deal with the Kurds on October 13, Damascus sent troops to the border with Turkey. Yasin Aktay, the Turkish president’s adviser, said the Turkish army would retaliate against attacks on its units on the border between the two countries.

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