UKRAINEGATE 2.0: Zelensky’s Gambit, Ukraine Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place (VIDEOS)


WASHINGTON, D.C./KIEV – If we were to put the result of President Zelensky’s visit to the USA into one word, the visit that had such high hopes, then the word would be “disaster”. Zelensky was literally sucked into America’s domestic affairs between Trump and his Democratic rivals, led by Joseph Biden, the former Vice President of the USA and Trump’s main opponent for next year’s presidential elections. As a result, Zelensky was left with no chance to build relations with Trump or Biden. He had to make a choice.

The video also shows how a Ukrainian opera singer and also a member of a Nazi battalion was neutralized by a DNR sniper while shooting from a high-caliber machinegun

How exactly did Zelensky get into this situation? Not that we should defend Zelensky in any way, but in reality, he actually inherited this political boondoggle from his (in)famous predecessor, Petro Poroshenko. By naively believing Hillary would win the 2016 US presidential election, Poroshenko gave public support for her candidacy. By doing so, he antagonized the (un)expectedly triumphant Trump. Needles to say, this killed Poroshenko’s political future.

Although the Deep State still held Ukraine as its colony, Trump was largely disinterested and focused on other regions, primarily the Middle East (Syria, Iran and Yemen), Latin America (Venezuela) and East Asia (North Korea and China). This left the Democrats and parts of the Deep State in a political vacuum, which disrupted their colonial investments around the world, primarily in Ukraine.

After he took office in mid-2019, Zelensky was faced with a real catch-22. How to deal with the political baggage Poroshenko left behind, without jeopardizing his own political future? He has the Democrats and their direct stooges roaming around, investing (ravaging) in Ukraine, but he also has Trump in the White House. If he was to support Trump openly, and Trump doesn’t get re-elected in 2020, he losses Biden and the Democrats, who would just find another puppet. If he supports Biden and the Democrats, and Trump does get re-elected, Zelensky’s fate is sealed, just like Poroshenko’s was. For Zelensky, it’s not just a long shot, but also a long shot in the dark.

Biden basically admits Ukraine is a US neocolony

Zelensky Ukrainian Shelling of Donbass is so Frequent That Even Cats Got Used to it (VIDEO)finally took the shot by promising Trump he would reopen the investigation into Biden family’s “activities” in Ukraine. For now, this seems like a good idea. If the investigation into Biden’s son, Hunter, shows the real extent of his crimes, this could greatly diminish Biden’s reputation and thus eliminate Trump’s most dangerous political opponent. Trump wins the 2020 election and Zelensky should be safe, while Trump might “reconsider” his stance on Ukraine. However, the 2020 elections are still more than a year away, and many things may change by then.


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