Ukrainian Shelling of Donbass is so Frequent That Even Cats Got Used to it (VIDEO)


DONBASS – Is getting used to shelling “normal”? Those of us who live in the safety and comfort of our homes probably find this idea preposterous. But what about those living in Donbass? What would they have to say about this? Surprisingly, there’s no need to go any further than a simple “meow” to find out.

“These cats were born last year. They are used to shelling .” – Svetlana is trying to explain shocking calmness of her pets.

A large-caliber machine gun is shooting somewhere very close and every now and then a bullet flies across the backyard. Kominternovo is only a few hundred meters away from Ukrainian army positions. Everyday life there is a deadly lottery. You never know if you’ll be hit by a sniper bullet, shrapnel or a shell… Cats are the only creatures there who have no fear. Sound of shooting doesn’t ruin their appetite one bit and they are even purring while finishing their meal.

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