US wants to deprive Russia of possibility of nuclear retaliation attack

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WASHINGTON DC – The US may soon adopt a new medium-range missile designed to destroy the control centers of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

On Friday, Konstantin Sivkov, a fellow member of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, said the adoption of a Pershing II medium-range missile would be expected in the near future.

“These are the so-called ‘anti-force’ weapons. They are intended to attack control centers of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces in order to deprive our country of the possibility of retaliating against the Americans,” he told a news conference organized by Sputnik.

The expert noted that the adoption of such missiles was the main purpose for the US to withdraw from the INF Treaty. Sivkov believes the range of the new missile will be about 3,000 kilometers.

INF Treaty exit

The United States exited the INF Treaty on October 20 of last year. Earlier Washington had accused Russia of violating the agreement.

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Shortly after leaving, the US tested missiles previously banned by the treaty. Due to the short interval between treaty exit and testing, it is believed that the US already had such missiles before exit, although this was prohibited.

In addition, Pentagon officials have shown keen interest in deploying these missiles on the Asian continent.

After months of charges brought against Russia, the US abandoned the Intermediate Reach Nuclear Force (INF) treaty signed between the USSR and the US in 1987.

By taking this step, and with a single nuclear weapons control agreement still remaining, the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) leaves a big question mark hanging over the fate of our entire planet.

As if that wasn’t enough, John Bolton, the former US Homeland Security advisor, said during a speech at the annual Conservative Student Conference that New START would be the next deal the U.S. would cancel.

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