V.I. Vernadsky and the American System in Russia


In recent years, Russia has lept ahead of all expectations by not only regaining those scientific and technological capacities which it had lost during the rape of Perestroika during the dark period of the 1990s, but with President Putin’s unveiling of new plasma-based and supersonic weapons that render the NATO-led doctrine of Full Spectrum dominance (relatively) obsolete, the nation has become a world leader on the frontiers of advanced science once more. Since a friendship among Russia and the United States is infinitely preferable to an unwinnable nuclear war, it fitting that a brief review of Russia’s industrial/scientific origins occur in our current time of crisis in order to shed light upon the under-appreciated strategic alliance which once existed between the two great nations and which gave birth to the some of the greatest creative breakthroughs humanity has ever seen.

As the dust settled on the American Civil war in 1865, Russia took pride in the fact that this Eurasian nation turned the tide in favor of Lincoln’s cause of preserving the union and abolishing the institution of slavery. Czar Alexander II was also known as “The Great Liberator” for liberating the serfs in 1861 and launching Russia on its greatest modernization drive in history. Before his assassination in 1880, the Czar, working alongside republican thinkers of both Russian and American origins initiated a nation building program centered on rail development, protectionism and technological progress.

This is the world that one of the greatest scientific geniuses in Russia’s history- Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky grew up in. In this class, Rising Tide director Matthew Ehret follows the early years of Vernadsky who’s mentor Dimitri Mendeleyev (discoverer of the periodic table of elements) led Russia’s scientific and resource management plans while simultaneously heading the Committee for Protectionism combating the British Empire’s Free Trade dogmas.

We follow Vernadsky’s patriotic growth as a leader of the Constitutional Democrats of Russia and victim of the Bolshevik anarchists during WWI. Vernadsky’s fight to establish a Ukrainian Academy of Science and his role as leader of the Russian Academy of Science are explored as are his revolutionary discoveries in anti-Darwinian theory of evolution along with his insights into the atom, physical space time and the nature of mind as a causal force for universal change.

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