VIDEO – FLORES: “Collective Punishment – Iran Sanctions are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY”

From MidEaStream


On this edition of MidEaStream with host and creator Marwa Osman, for Iran’s PressTV, Joaquin Flores explains that the sanctions against Iran are a form of collective punishment, and represent crimes against humanity.

In this moving conversation, Osman pursues the question with Flores as to whether there is any hope in sight given the continued erosion of access to critical human services in Iran as a result of U.S imposed sanctions.

Flores expresses optimism as well as forecasting that Iranian government officials may need to, as a short-term solution, look inwards at wealth redistribution targeting wealthy Iranian elites. In that sense the government would need to find a more rigorous return to the fundamental religious and social justice aims of the Iranian Revolution, which established the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979. In the mid to long term, Flores expresses that Iran will be able to sort various solutions, including increasing ties with its partners to the north and to the east.


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