Western press and politicians hyperventilate over Russo-Turkish Syria settlement

German Defense Minister and US Senator Graham want to insert NATO forces.

German Defense Minister and chancellor
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Thomas Römer in Anti-Spiegel
In the Western media, the agreement between Putin and Erdogan on Syria is presented negatively.
But what has happened since yesterday’s Syrian unification itself and how are the German media trying to put it in a negative light?
The memorandum between Russia and Turkey, signed on Tuesday, has produced a settlement that will allow all those involved in the region to live well, with a real chance of peace for Syria. The Turks are protected from support for the PKK, the Syrians regain control of their territory, and the Kurds, after their settlement with Assad, have an autonomy in eastern Syria, the details of which must now be awaited before they can be judged.

The likelihood of major battles is now very low, with the Turks and Syrians unwilling to go to war, and the Kurds after their accord with Assad, are not going after the Syrians. Turkey has indicated that it wants to give its inhabitants a self-government in the regions that are now under its control, at least for some while. The Turkish foreign minister said: “The administration in the security zone is carried out by the local population. Where there is an Arab majority, the Arabs will do it. In regions where most of our Kurdish brothers live, they will direct the administration. There are no objections from us. The most important thing is that the terrorists are leaving the region. (…) Over 80 percent of the population are Arabs, that is Christians and other groups. Those who make the majority will have the leadership in the respective region.”

Meanwhile, the border patrols of Russians and Syrians, agreed in the memorandum, have begun. They should also support the withdrawal of the Kurds who have to leave the security zone at the Syrian-Turkish border within five days. This is regulated in points 5 and 6 of the memorandum and is a prerequisite for Turkey not resuming its operation against the Kurds.
The Kurds are currently reversing course, after all they have no interest in fighting alone against the overpowering Turkish army. It is precisely for this reason, the Kurds have agreed with Assad: they do not want to fight against the superior Turkish army and Syrian and Russian troops guarantee a safe withdrawal.
If the Kurds refuse to withdraw, Turkey may resume its operation and Russians and Syrians would withdraw so as not to get caught between the fronts.

The German state broadcaster Deutsche Welle has taken this as an opportunity to operate brash propaganda.

There you can read: “After the Turkish-Russian agreement to control the border areas in Syria, Russia is bluntly threatening the Kurds. (…) If the Kurdish militia would not withdraw their weapons from the areas, the Syrian border guards and the Russian military police would withdraw, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “The remaining Kurdish formations will then be crushed by the Turkish army.”

Thus, if one rips a sentence out of context and artificially dramatizes it during translation, one can convey a false impression to the reader.
Actually, the Kremlin speaker said the following: “The United States has been the Kurds closest ally in recent years. In the end, the United States abandoned the Kurds, de facto betrayed them. Now the US prefers to leave the Kurds on the border alone, almost forcing them to fight the Turks. It is obvious that the Syrian border guards and the Russian military police must withdraw if the Kurdish armed groups do not withdraw. And indeed, the remaining Kurdish formations would then come under the wheels of the Turkish army.”

How does this quote fit with what the Deutsche Welle wrote about it? Everyone is allowed to judge that for themselves.

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Meanwhile, Trump has said that the US sanctions imposed on the Turkish offensive will be lifted. Trump sells the events in Syria as positive. That is what they are for everyone involved and also for Trump, who can finally meet a campaign pledge, because he has promised to bring the US soldiers home from the many wars.

However, the results are negative for all those geostrategists whose goal was to overthrow Assad and to repeat the Libyan scenario in Syria and leave behind a failed state, whose oil can then be bought cheaply by a warlord. That’s how it has been in Libya since the fall of Gaddafi. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands dead, plus the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean.

In Syria, this scenario has now been ruled out, and Russia has strengthened the Syrian government and state administration so much that Syria continues to exist as a state. And that seems to bother some people in the US and in Europe, as you can see from the negative reactions of many politicians who are showing their true colors here.
A particularly sad example is given by CDU politicians. Defense Minister and CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has already made the pointless proposal on Tuesday to allow NATO troops to be involved with UN mandates in the region.

[US Senator Lindsey Graham has said as much: “It is important that the international community police this Safe Zone – not Assad, not Russia, not Turkey. This can be accomplished by America providing airpower to an international force, but not committing troops on the ground to control the Safe Zone.”]

This is utopian, because, firstly, there would be no decision in the UN Security Council to give this mandate. And secondly, those involved in the region would have to agree and that is not going to happen. Turkey would play just as little as Syria.A nd even after Russia and Turkey have agreed that it is completely unrealistic that anyone agrees to such a deployment of NATO forces, AKK has again added to this Wednesday, as you can read in Der Spiegel: “Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has specified her plans for a protection zone in northern Syria. (…) Kramp-Karrenbauer called an assignment of monitoring the areas, and measures to take in case of violations of the rules in force there. This requires leadership skills, education, mobility in the air and on the ground, a rescue chain for the injured and logistics. The security zone could be divided into sectors from which Germany could take over one. Possible contributions of the Bundeswehr are still unclear. These would be based on the UN mandate and a necessary decision of the Bundestag. At the Defense Committee meeting, Kramp-Karrenbauer also said, according to participants, that she also wanted to speak to NATO allies on Thursday and Friday in Brussels.”
One wonders how the dream dancer AKK imagines this. Should the NATO troops fight their way in against Turkish, Syrian and Russian units there? And if one thinks that nobody can be more incompetent, Friedrich Merz comes around the corner, who also praised AKK’s suggestion: “CDU politician Friedrich Merz told the” Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung “that the defense minister’s proposal for an international protection zone in northern Syria sends out an important message” that we are prepared to assume responsibility for foreign and security policy “. Germany had shied away from taking the initiative for too long, Merz said.
If I imagine that either AKK or Friedrich Merz will be the successors of Merkel, then we would want Merkel back. I thought it could not get any worse, but when people with chaotic ideas become chancellors, Merkel’s catastrophic policy is likely to get worse. Who would have thought that possible …?

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