What are the advantages of the Russian T-14 Armata tank over U.S. Abrams tanks

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MOSCOW – The armor of the Russian T-14 Armata tank is lighter than that of the US M1 Abrams with equal protection characteristics, which creates additional advantages for the Russian vehicle.

According to the author of an article of China’s Sina news agency, thanks to new steel brand 44S-sv-Sh, the thickness of the shield fighting vehicle Russian T-14 will decrease by 15% and the weight will become smaller in hundreds of kilograms.

In addition, according to the journalist, the capabilities of the T-14 Armata are enhanced with the Afganit and passive Malakhit protection systems.

T-14 is an uninhabited Russian main combat tank created at the base of the Armata universal platform .

It is the first tank in the world that incorporates the concept of “network-centric warfare”, where the T-14 is primarily used as a reconnaissance, targeting and fire coordination vehicle for air defense systems, self-propelled artillery and T-90 tanks.

The T-14 was first shown to the public during a military parade in Russia in 2015 along with other equipment using the same Armata base.

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Russian tank manufacturer Uralvagonzavod modernizes the 125-mm T-14 battle tank cannon created on the Armata universal platform.

The modernization of the 125-mm cannon of the T-14 battle tank , created on the basis of the Armata universal platform, aims to adapt it to new projectiles, according to the company’s annual report for last year.

“We have completed all work that was planned for 2018 as part of the Armata research and design work for the modernization of the 125mm 2A82-1M cannon,” says the published report.

In addition, within the modernization program, cannons are being produced to test the new types of projectiles.

The T-14 Armata, the only third generation postwar battle tank in the world, will start state testing this year. The tank is intended for close combat with the enemy, supporting the offensive of mechanized infantry units, neutralizing enemy fortifications and personnel protected by shelter or on open ground.

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