Pakistan continues to violate Greek sovereignty alongside Turkish military


There was a reason that a Pakistani AFNS P-3 infringed Greek airspace a week ago -it appears a new military alliance with Pakistan and Turkey is being created with Turkish media saying that “Pakistani warships will patrol the Eastern Mediterranean.”

According to Yeni Safak, Pakistan will be “part of the” shield “Turkey has created in the southeastern Mediterranean.”

“With Pakistan’s involvement, the business has gained an international dimension,” the report said.

Pakistan participated in the exercise of the Turkish Doğu Akdeniz-2019 with the Alamgir frigate and the P-3 aircraft. As reported by Yeni Safak, they will continue to patrol the southeastern Mediterranean along with Turkish naval forces.

A week ago an unprecedented challenge went ahead… Pakistan unleashed a P-3 Orion Naval Co-operation and Information Collection Aircraft in the FIR of Athens without submitting a flight plan, thus supporting Ankara’s illegal demands in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The aircraft entered the Athens FIR east of the island of Kastelorizo, then continued to the Nicosia FIR and then returned to its base following the same course in reverse.

It is clear that in the context of its strategic alliance with Turkey, Pakistan supports Turkey’s positions in challenging Greek Economic Exclusion Zone and Greek sovereign rights.

This is the first time this has happened with another country aircraft, with the exception of Turkish Air Force aircraft and more generally the neighboring country’s armed forces that do not file a flight plan or rarely do so regularly, as all other countries do.

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Despite the fact that the Greek Foreign Ministry issued a protest rally and even in a very strict style to the Pakistani chief for two consecutive days, the Pakistani Navy again violated Greece’s sovereignty.

Specifically, it flew east of Kastelorizo, then south and then turned east in violation of the Nicosia FIR.

After staying there for a while, it returned to Turkish airspace following the original course in reverse.

The Pakistani P-3 flew along with 14 Turkish fighter jets, 3 CN-235 Turkish Navy aircraft and 3 helicopters to the FIR Athens without submitting a flight plan.

These aircraft reported 21 infringements of air traffic rules.

Of course… the Turkish fighters also recorded 22 violations of the National Airspace (so as not to forget) while in 4 cases they engaged in fierce fighting with the Greek fighters.

Now these violations are explained after the Pakistanis came to stay.

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