Arreaza backs Russian claim that Washington’s war against Maduro failed


CARACAS – Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza backed Russia’s statements, stating that the US attack plans against President Nicolás Maduro failed.

“We agreed with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and we have been saying it for months: The Washington coup in Venezuela failed. The Monroe Doctrine will never be imposed on the free peoples of Our America,” he wrote on his account of the Twitter social network.

Arreaza referred to the statements of the director of the Latin American Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexánder Schetinn, in the framework of the annual Valdái Debate Club forum.

Schetinn stressed that “the policy of drowning with sanctions was unsuccessful, the ‘Blitzkrieg’ (lightning war) against the Maduro Government in Venezuela was unsuccessful.

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The United States Government since 2017 has applied sanctions against Maduro, government officials and its main industries in order to cause the head of state to leave.

These actions increased this year, after the White House ignored Maduro’s new mandate for the period 2019-2025, claiming that he was elected in fraudulent elections, instead endorsed the head of the National Assembly (unicameral parliament of opposition majority ), Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself as interim head of state.
After its support for Guaido, the United States announced more sanctions against Venezuela, among them, one that prevents the use of its financial system in transactions with Caracas.

Maduro also said his country will not give up in the face of “imperial” aggressions and that in the face of difficulties they will achieve prosperity in that South American nation.

“We are a people who have fought for more than two centuries against colonialism, slavery, racism and all forms of imperial aggression, we will never bow to aggression, we will overcome all difficulties and achieve prosperity. Our destiny is to triumph!” the president wrote on Twitter.

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