Brand New Avangard Russian Missiles Presented to US Inspectors


MOSCOW – The Russian military demonstrated the functioning of the Avangard system missiles and their hypersonic glider blocks to US inspectors in compliance with the New START agreement.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, demonstrations to inspectors were held between November 24 and 26 in Russian territory.

In addition to the Avangard system, US inspectors were able to observe the demonstration of other new Russian armaments in the interest of maintaining the New START treaty in force.

The Avangard system is one of six new weapons introduced to the world by Vladimir Putin on March 1, 2018.

Strategic for the Russian Federation, the Avangard is equipped with intercontinental ballistic missiles equipped with hypersonic glider blocks.

Their missiles can fly at 20 times the speed of sound and maneuver by altering their course and height, thus overcoming the enemy’s air defense systems.

The Strategic Arms Reduction Agreement, known as New START , was signed in 2010 by then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and US President Barack Obama.

The treaty stipulates that the number of strategic missile launchers from Russia and the USA should be halved . Mutual inspections are performed to ensure compliance with the treaty.

Meanwhile, according to the Pentagon, the US military intends to innovate its ideas to accelerate research and development of hypersonic aircraft and platforms.

“The Department of Science and Technology of the Advanced Research Projects Agency is requesting innovative research proposals in the area of ​​high performance and cutting edge technology for hypersonic aerial platforms,” ​​according to the request.

The Hypersonic Characterization and Architectural Materials (MACH) program aims to develop innovative thermal design and material solutions, or new sand-coated high-temperature materials to stably accent and shape cutting-edge technologies for hypersonic vehicles.

Earlier, French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly said the country plans to reach a testing stage for a new hypersonic glider project two years from now.

According to the minister, the glider will be able to reach a speed of approximately 5 Mach (6,000 km / h), and she believes the first test flight will be performed in 2021.

In addition to the US and France, Russia conducted the Avangard hypersonic glider test in December. Avangard has reached a speed 27 times faster than the speed of sound, and can carry nuclear weapons.

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