Chinese media says Russia’s new weaponry is a nightmare for the US and NATO

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The entry into service of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat in 2020 could become a huge problem for US and NATO military defense, according to Chinese media.

According to the Chinese portal article Sina, missiles of this type are intended to replace the R-36 Voevoda intercontinental missile.

The report indicates that the Sarmat range , which is 18,000 kilometers and may include up to 16 nuclear warheads, would be sufficient to ” destroy all targets in a territory the size of the state of Texas or France.”
In addition, the edition also draws attention to Russia’s development of the supersonic warhead Avangard.

These weapons pose a threat that could force the West to revise its nuclear defense and deterrence strategy, the portal said.

Russia is clearly ahead of the US and NATO in the field of hypersonic weapons, quotes the author from the words of American military experts.

State Duma deputy Vladimir Gutenev said Sarmat is a much more powerful missile than its predecessors and is almost invulnerable. Now that the missile is successfully undergoing testing for the United States, preserving the latest START treaty (also known as START III) “matches its security interests,” he said.

Military expert Boris Rozhin expressed the view that Russia is modernizing its nuclear and missile forces to ensure its own security.

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“The development of this system is a logical step because of the growing strategic threats to nuclear parity as the United States is deploying an anti-missile defense system in Europe and modernizing its nuclear missile systems and is therefore abandoning the INF Treaty. In that connection, Russia is modernizing its nuclear missile forces to ensure its safety, to maintain the parity of nuclear missiles,” he said.

At the same time, the military expert evaluated the advantages of the Sarmat missile.

“In this sense Sarmat is yet another development of domestically produced heavy missiles, primarily intended for use in a nuclear missile warfare for a response attack, if the United States or its allies attempt to conduct a preemptive strike to disarm our country. order to dictate their conditions,” he explained.

In addition, he pointed out that “Sarmat missiles allow the guaranteed destruction of targets targeted by the military. The advantages of this missile are its greater accuracy, effective range and target destruction range.”

Sarmat has no analogs in the world. Its serial production is scheduled for 2020 and the first regiment of these missiles will be ready for combat as early as 2021. This is a new level of nuclear containment.

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