Erdogan announces Turkey will receive first self-produced ballistic missiles in 2020


ANKARA – The Turkish Army will receive the first medium and short-range ballistic missiles of domestic production in 2020, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced.

“Tests on the first Turkish Gokdogan missile have been successfully performed; next year they will complete the launch tests of these missiles from aircraft and then be handed over to the Turkish Armed Forces,” said Erdogan.

According to the Turkish president, the country will soon have a private company that will produce elements for the air bombs with which the F-16 fighters will be equipped.

The first Gokdogan missile tests were conducted in March 2018.

In addition, Erdogan asked citizens of his country to give up using the dollar and use the Turkish lira.

“Leave the dollar and all the rest. Let’s focus on our currency, the Turkish lira. The Turkish lira no longer loses value. Let’s show our patriotism this way,” said Erdogan.

The Turkish president added that the situation of the Turkish economy continues to stabilize.

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In recent years, Turkey has been striving to reduce the dollar’s share of trade operations.

This is not the first time the US has threatened Turkey with serious economic consequences, and while not always able to scare Ankara, Washington has several levers that could ruin the Turkish economy.

Recently, US President Donald Trump has threatened to “completely destroy” Turkey’s economy if it does something that the US does not like in northern Syria.

The president reiterated that Ankara, along with other European countries, “must control the combatants of the Daesh and their families,” adding that the United States has done “much more than anyone expected, including the capture of 100% of the Daesh [ISIS] caliphate.”

According to journalists at the Vesti Finance portal , the tools that could be used to hurt the Turkish economic sector are the lira (Turkish currency), public debt, sanctions, the steel market and military spending.

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