Greek NSA to Turkey: Steal our oil and will respond “immediately and decisively”


ATHENS – Greece must constantly send messages of determination to Turkey. Not just in words, but also in deeds. Ankara has proven throughout history that if you push it, it will back down, just as it continually has in Syria after making a lot of initial commotion before a limited operation.

But if you do it back then, then the negotiation table usually becomes an option.

In an interview given by the National Security Adviser for the first time, he sent a loud message to Ankara about the Greek continental shelf that Turkey violates several times a day.

His belief is that Turkey will not pursue a conflict with Greece because such a development will create great volatility within his own country, said National Security Adviser Alexander Diakopoulos.

“The role of the National Security Adviser is to act as the Prime Minister’s advisory body to develop an effective system of national security strategy and crisis management planning and to support the coordination of national security-related government actions,” he explained.

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“The ultimate goal is the effective and realistic interconnection of the goals pursued with the means available. Obviously it is difficult because a new structure needs to be created and operational immediately while issues are running,” he said.

“Turkey has for decades been pursuing a diplomacy of coercion against Greece and Cyprus and has been moving beyond international law and UN decisions. So far its enforcement efforts have focused on the Eastern Mediterranean, where it uses the rights of the Turkish Cypriot community as a pretext,” the adviser said.

“There is an essential contradiction in the Turkish position here because while it speaks of the pseudo-state [North Cyprus] as a sovereign and independent state, whenever it is in its interest it speaks of the rights of the Turkish Cypriot community within a single state entity. A conflict will not benefit anyone, it will create great volatility, which may extend to the wider region and have huge human, economic and political costs in both countries. For the above reasons I do not think we will get to this point,” he said reassuringly.

Nevertheless, it must be clear and we have emphasized in every direction that any attempt by Turkey to conduct drilling on the Greek continental shelf will be addressed immediately and decisively,” he warned Ankara.

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