KEDMI: Russia Spearheaded Efforts to Reunite Germany When West Preferred Occupation


MOSCOW – Nowadays, although the Federal Republic of  Germany is a single entity (officially at least), there is still a clear border between former West Germany and East Germany. The only difference is that 30 years ago, it was clearly visible, with guard towers and border guards on both sides of the border.

However, now, the differences are visible in other ways. While East Germans were hoping to get a clear reunification, West Germans saw the events of 1990 as a triumphant annexation of the (former) East Germany. This feeling hasn’t withered away. Not even after 30 years.

Yakov Kedmi summed it up this way: “When Stalin agreed to let the allies enter Berlin, he made a mistake. There were two crises because of Berlin. In the Cuban Crisis, Berlin was the main target. The missiles were a secondary target. By and large, what we discussed here happened. There was spiritual emptiness. Those who claimed to be communists weren’t communists. East Germany was a state built by German communists that fought against the Nazis. They were betrayed as everyone else.”


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