LAUGHABLE: An Attempt to Damage Russian-Serbian Relations Fails Miserably (VIDEO)


MOSCOW/BELGRADE – The video in which a “Russian intelligence officer” allegedly hands over money to his Serbian counterpart, stirring a “scandal”, turned out to be several years old. In addition, as the Serbian daily Politika reported, a person alleged to be a Serbian official with the rank of an intelligence officer is not a member of Serbian security structures.

In other words, it’s most likely a civilian trading business data. Earlier, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said the Military Security Agency (VBA) is dealing with a possible “espionage affair” in which “Russian spies recruit Serbian agents” and will have more information on it later during that day.

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“I spoke with President Vucic, and he gave an order to the Military Security Agency to investigate the case. We do not have all the information yet, but if it turns out to be true, then it will be a serious issue and a problem for us,” Brnabic told Belgrade media.

“The president has convened a meeting in his capacity as commander-in-chief of the Serbian Armed Forces and will inform us of the results of the investigation,” Brnabic concluded.

The Security Intelligence Agency (BIA) confirmed the authenticity of the video, in which “Russian agent” Georgy Kleban allegedly gives money to a Serbian agent. The BIA has confirmed that the man is a “Russian intelligence officer”.

BIA chief analyst Relja Zeljski stated that it was unequivocally established that the video contained a Russian intelligence officer. Asked if the recording was a Serbian agent belonging to the BIA or the VBA or some other institution, Zeljski pointed out that he “could not confirm” the story at this point.

“Our services, both civilian and military, are very intensively engaged in establishing the facts, and details will be provided by the President of Serbia after the Security Council, which will be held tomorrow,” Zeljski added.

The following video, reuploaded by a user named “Kdjuey Lskduf” (obviously randomly typed letters) more than 3 years after the original video, allegedly shows the two “agents” during the “exchange”. It’s rather interesting how “Russian agents” can “hack” the US election, but can’t properly hand out plastic bags.

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