MAJOR: Erdogan ally indirectly admits many Turks were actually Greeks forced to become Muslim

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TRABZON – A shocking statement came from a Turkish mayor who belongs to the ruling AKP party that President Reccep Hayip Erdogan belongs to, where, speaking to a woman, she told her that the Turkey had “made her a” Muslim.

The woman first told him that her ancestry was from Trabzon province, a region of Turkey’s Black Sea coast that was overwhelmingly Greek for over 2,500 years before the Greek genocide by Turkish forces killed, expelled or converted the entire Greek Orthodox population of the region.

After reactions, Mayor Hayrettin Güngör apologized on social media after many negative reactions from Turks feeling uncomfortable with the prospect that they are not 100% Turkish.

Riding on local merchants Güngör made an incredible many statements, but reflecting the reality of Greeks’ descent across the Pontus region and across hundreds of villages and towns.

Even Turkish media report that there are still people who speak the Greek language in Trabzon today.

The woman responded with surprise to Güngör’s remark, saying to him, “What do you mean by that?”, showing she was obviously unaware of herself, like many Pontians “Turks,” that they have Greek ancestry because of decades of Turkish propaganda.

To date, there are many thousands of people living in the area and still speaking Pontian Greek dialect. Although recognized as Muslims today, they are rooted in the historical Greek Orthodox community of the region.

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The Turkish mayor stepped back from the statement, however, demonstrating that “a language delusional speaks the truth”, showing us that Ankara’s propaganda is slowly beginning to grow, as they themselves admit today there are no doubt in the thousands area.

The flame that now melts in Turkey by the Greek crypto-Christians of Pontus will turn into a “fire” that no one can stop at a given moment.

Pontos lives and will become the nightmare of Turkey’s deep state.

“Mayor Kahramanmaras is an old friend of mine. Last night he told me he was sorry. He explained that he said something to a woman from Trabzon unexpectedly, exceeding the limits and apologized. He saw that he was wrong because sometimes we make those mistakes,” said AKP member Murat Zorluoğlu.

“You have to consider [one’s] intentions. I know his intention was sincere. Maraş is our sister city and Allah willing during our term we will build a large avenue called Trabzon,” Zorluoğlu added, using the shortest and most common term for Kahramanmaraş province.

Whatever the Turks say to each other, in practice there are two things that deserve our attention.

First, there are many ethnicities within present-day Turkey, whose members we do not know precisely because no real census of Turkey has ever been published.

Secondly, the constant excavations and the finding of hundreds of Greek Byzantine churches along with ancient Greek temples, statues, inscriptions, have reinforced the sense of “righteous” that holds today’s Turks in the area that was and still is a large cradle of Hellenism.

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