MAJOR: Erdogan makes deal with Libyan Muslim Brotherhood government to steal Greek oil

Originally authored by Andreas Mountzouroulias. Translated by Paul Antonopoulos.


New details came to light after the Ankara-Tripoli agreement yesterday. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with Fayez al-Sarand of Libya’s Muslim Brotherood government in Ankara. The meeting lasted for 2 hours and few details came to light initially for obvious reasons.

A Turkish statement on the meeting only mentions:

“We have signed with the Government of Tripoli a Memorandum of Understanding on Security and Military Cooperation, while at the same time, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the sea, which stems from international law,” without quoting which international law exactly, as there is no international law that support’s Erdogan’s claims.

Turkish media, which is fully controlled by Erdogan, is continuing the issue.

It may be a two-party agreement, which needs to be green-lighted in other countries to legitimize it, but with these moves the Turks create a climate of hostility in the Eastern Mediterranean.

And let’s not forget Ankara’s letter to the UN, in effect canceling the Greek and Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zones.

What the Turks say:

“Yesterday a historic agreement was concluded in Ankara which ended Greece’s occupation of the Mediterranean. For 15 years, Athens and Nicosia have been operating illegally, but the Ankara-Tripoli agreement ends these countries’ ambitions. With this agreement, we are now blocking a future signing of an EEZ by Greece.”

There are even references to Crete by the Turks.

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The strange thing, as you can see on the maps, is the reference to Imia, or Kardak, as the Turks call it.

Something special is being planned by the Turks, the whole situation smells of conflict!

See the maps:

“By agreement, Greece’s attempt to invade the Mediterranean will fall into disrepair, while Turkey and Libya will acquire maritime powers in the south of Crete and around Cyprus,” a pro-Erdogan newspaper said, adding that “following developments in the eastern Mediterranean becomes even more urgent the need to delimit maritime zones between Turkey and Libya.”

Translated from Pentapostagma.

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