MAJOR: US to Continue Stealing Syrian Oil; 3 New US Bases set up in Syria’s Qamishli

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Qamishli, Syria – The United States Army is planning to set up several more military bases in Syria’s Qamishli region as it is looking for suitable locations, Kurdish-language media stated.

“We can confirm reports that the US is to establish three small new military bases in Qamishli,” Rojoua Information Center affiliated to the Kurdish militia wrote on its Twitter page.

It noted that the US Army is presently looking for an appropriate location to set up its new bases. Qamishli is the capital of al-Hasaka province where about half of Syrian oil wells are located. The US Army’s attempts to set up military bases there are aimed at taking control of the region’s oil resources.

In a relevant development in late October, Syrian state TV reported that a column of the US troops had returned to northeastern Syria’s Hasaka province from Iraq as Washington announced relocating troops to oil regions in the war-torn country.

The news outlet reported that “the column of American occupation forces entered […] the province through the illegal al-Walid border crossing” and that the column, which includes “dozens of soldiers and military hardware” is covered by the US combat helicopters.

Russia published satellite intelligence images proving that oil from Syria was sent abroad under the guard of US servicemen before and after the defeat of the ISIS terrorists, Russian Defense Ministry Spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov stated on October 26.

The oil was smuggled in tanker truck convoys, guarded both by US servicemen and the mercenaries of private military contractors (PMCs), the spokesman declared.

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