Misery in Brazil hit record high


BRASILIA – A survey released by the IBGE on Wednesday revealed a record increase in the number of Brazilians in poverty, reaching 6.5% of the population in 2018.

According to a study by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), 13.5 million Brazilians lived on less than R$145 per month over the past year. This figure considers the World Bank’s rating to mark the extreme poverty line, that is, people with incomes under $1.90 a day, which is about $145 a month.

The survey also shows that the gradual improvement of economic indicators in 2018 did not curb the increase in poverty in the country, considering that between 2017 and 2018, 200,000 people joined the group in a situation of misery.

The portion of the population that lived on less than R $420 per month throughout the year (less than half of the minimum wage) was 25.3%. The amount of R $420 is equivalent to US $5.50 per day, an index determined by the World Bank to mark the poverty line.

The study shows that about 1 million Brazilians emerged from the poverty line in 2018, reducing this share to 52.5 million. The record of the historical series, recorded since 2012, was reached in 2017, when this contingent was 53.5 million people.

According to IBGE study manager André Simões, quoted by the G1, “the reduction in this contingent is due to a drop in the number of people in poverty in the Southeast Region, which was the only one that showed a statistically significant reduction.”

The IBGE explained that this number of people in poverty “is equivalent to the population of Bolivia, Belgium, Cuba, Greece and Portugal. Although the percentage was stable compared to 2017, it rose from 5.8% in 2012 to 6.5% in 2018, a record in seven years.”

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