Moldova seeks to increase the level of mutual trust in relations with Russia


CHISINAU – Moldova is interested in increasing the level of mutual trust in relations with Russia, said the country’s new prime minister, Ion Chicu, by meeting with the Russian ambassador to Chisinau, Oleg Vasnetsov.

“It is important for us to re-establish cooperation with the Russian Federation and increase the level of mutual trust,” said Chicu, quoted by the press service of the Moldovan government.

The prime minister also stressed the need to develop bilateral relations in the political and socio-economic spheres for the benefit of the citizens of both countries.

“The Prime Minister and the Russian ambassador discussed a number of issues of mutual interest, including the identification of solutions for the export of agricultural products from Moldova to Russia, the issuance of permits to carriers and the development of bilateral cooperation in the social area,” added the text.

Vasnetsov, for his part, congratulated Chicu on his appointment as head of Government and expressed the willingness of the Russian authorities to resolve the priority issues.

On November 12, the Moldovan Parliament approved the motion of censure against the Government of Maia Sandu, formed just five months ago.

The president of the country, Igor Dodon, promoted the candidacy of Chicu, his adviser and former minister of Finance, to hold the position of prime minister and form “a government of technocrats.”

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Chicu himself, when presenting the Executive’s program, said that his Cabinet will work only until the presidential elections set for the autumn of 2020.

The Moldovan Legislature supported the appointment of Chicu.

The new prime minister is scheduled to visit Russia this week, at the invitation of his Russian counterpart, Dmitri Medvedev.

The Moldovan Parliament approved the majority of the votes of the new Cabinet of Ministers under the presidency of the former Minister of Finance, Ion Chicu, said Parliament spokeswoman Zinaida Greceanii.

“The draft confirmation of the government program and the vote of confidence to the Government of Ion Chicu was approved by 62 votes,” Greceanii said.

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