Moscow says NATO is dragging other countries into Arctic militia


MOSCOW – There is a real threat that the United States will deploy mid- and short-range missiles in northern latitudes after leaving the INF Treaty, Nikolai Korchunov, special envoy of the Russian Foreign Ministry for Arctic cooperation, said.

The diplomat said the United States sought military superiority on the pretext of the threat that supposedly came from Russia and China, with the aim of dictating its conditions from a position of force and establishing control over resources and transportation routes. in the Arctic region.

“After Washington’s withdrawal of the INF treaty, there is a real possibility that medium and short-range US nuclear missiles will be deployed in various regions of the world, including northern latitudes,” Korchunov said.

In particular, the United States is developing the northern segment of the missile defense system and plans to deploy 20 interceptor missiles in Alaska by 2023, in addition to the 44 units already deployed in that state.

It is also noteworthy that NATO decided to create a new command in the North Atlantic, increasing each year the scale and frequency of exercises in this region. The Second US Navy Fleet was also operational again after it was dismantled at the end of the Cold War.

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Internationalization of military activity in the Arctic

The diplomat added that NATO “drags” countries away from this region into the Arctic, further increasing political and military tension.

“The internationalization of military activity in the Arctic, fueled by US actions in the region, is a growing trend and accentuates political and military tension,” he said, indicating that “countries far from the Arctic are drawn into this “questionable activity.”

These countries began to include the Arctic in the area of ​​their military activity. As examples he cited the arctic strategy of the British Ministry of Defense and the French Ministry of Defense report on which France’s military presence in the region is based.

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