NATO could suffer consequences for saying China is an enemy

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US President Donald Trump will soon meet with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to talk about the “Chinese threat.”

Some people in the US are considering that NATO has found a new enemy, which would be China, according to Ai Jun of the Global Times.

On October 25, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said, “NATO allies must carefully consider the long-term risks of the choices they make regarding 5G networks… I’m pleased that NATO’s moving forward to more thoroughly assess the long-term challenges that a growing and more assertive China presents to the alliance.”

The US has already suggested that NATO focus on Beijing on other occasions.

For its part, NATO has also expressed this concern, with Stoltenberg stating that the organization needs to understand the implications of the Chinese rise and what could pose a threat to member countries.

NATO, like any military organization, needs a common enemy. A new Cold War seems to be approaching the Asia Pacific region. On September 26, the first quadrilateral security dialogue, known as the Quad, took place between the US, Japan, India and Australia. Quad focuses on China with the aim of creating an “Asian NATO.”

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To make matters worse, some people and forces in the region are following in the US footsteps, exaggerating the so-called “Chinese threat.”

Washington would have labeled China a “rival power” to create a comprehensive confrontation against Beijing. However, if other countries follow US steps, they will probably pay a higher price.

In recent decades, China has developed its economy at a rapid pace, seeking to increase economic cooperation with other countries. In addition, it is developing its military power, and while the country has a “defensive” military philosophy, it will not prevent it from facing threats or provocations.

That is why, when Stoltenberg made statements directed at China, he and the leaders of NATO countries should keep in mind that military hostility can be easily felt.

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