North Korea has created the most ‘unique’ missile launcher in the world


After the last missile test on Thursday, South Korean military expert Kim Dong-yup said the North may have developed the first 600mm-caliber missile launcher in the world.

His statement is based on North Korea’s latest missile tests.

“This [the missile launcher] appears to be 600 millimeters in diameter [caliber]. If confirmed, it would be unprecedented in the world,” said Kim Dong-yup, a military expert at Kyungnam University, South Korea.

In turn, the North Korean state media said his country had created “the greatest of our production missile launcher” as reported the South Korean agency Yonhap.

Also according to the professor, the armament should be part of the arsenal of the country in a short time. The tests appear to have been successful, which would allow the mass production of the new equipment.

“After the successful test in the west of the country, North Korea is expected to put [the launcher] into operation in the near future,” Dong-yup said.

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Test Sequence

As reported to Yonhap, North Korean missile tests appear to have a predefined sequence.

As soon as a missile is ready to be tested, it is fired into the sea. If this first phase is successful, another test is done in which the projectile crosses the territory of the country.

However, in the case of the missile launcher, whose name has not yet been released, there should be a new test, as so far the armament capable of firing four missiles simultaneously has not yet passed through the second phase.

“In order to become operational, North Korea will need to fire four missiles at once, just as the weapons were designated,” a South Korean military source said.

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