Pakistan breaks international law with Turkey, illegally invades Greek airspace

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KOSTELORIZO, Greece – Without filing a flight plan with Greek authorities, a Pakistani P-3 Orion Naval Co-operation and Information Collection Aircraft was flown into Greek airspace yesterday. The aircraft Greek airspace east of Kastelorizo, then continued to towards Cyprus and then returned to its base following the same course in reverse.

The Turkish fleet is conducting the “Eastern Mediterranean-2019” exercise in the Aegean and in the wider Mediterranean region, but now with the assistance of the Pakistani Navy, where the South Asian country participated with a frigate.

Muhammad Akram, commander of the Pakistani frigate PNS Alamgir, which participates in the Turkish naval exercise, said that along with Turkish Navy ships, they would conduct special exercises and scenarios in the Aegean.

PNS Alamgir’s Pakistani commander, Lieutenant General Mohammed Akram, said he was very proud to be involved in the Turkish naval exercise “Eastern Mediterranean-2019”.

He explained that he wants to improve relations between allied countries and especially Turkey, which is very important for Pakistanis, and said that relations between the two countries are at a very good level.

Recalling that Pakistan’s involvement in the exercise will strengthen existing bilateral relations and that the two countries further strengthen the already very sincere brotherhood, he said:

“Pakistan is conducting many exercises with the Turkish Navy, as the two countries have a long-standing relationship of brotherhood and friendship. These relationships are based on a very strong religious and cultural connection. Although the two countries are very far from each other, there is a great friendship and brotherhood that shrinks geographical boundaries and borders. We have been continuing with the Turkish Navy for years. We have come to take part in the exercise “Eastern Mediterranean-2019, to implement maritime scenarios between two allied countries,” he concluded.


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According to the information, this is the first time that Pakistan had violated Greek airspace, as this is usually something only done by the Turkish military.

In any case, there is another element added to the concern with Turkish aggression in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, which on Tuesday resulted in four hard fights. On Monday, in the Aegean, Turkey sent a total of 10 fighter jets, namely 8 F-16s and 2 F-4Es, as well as four naval cooperation and intelligence gathering aircraft CN-235 that violated Greek National Airspace violations 32 times.

In all cases, of course, these aircraft found Greek fighters in front of them who hastened to recognize and intercept them.

Its flight took place in the context of the “Eastern Mediterranean 2019” exercise carried out by Turks throughout the region, having activated for this purpose, they said, more than 48 ships and 4,700 personnel are involved.

In a statement, the Turkish Ministry of Defense characterized it as the largest exercise to date, as it involved another 15 countries in one way or another.

Although Turkey claims it acts under international law, it is only one of 15 countries in the whole word who has not signed onto the UN Convention Law of the Sea, that clearly favors Greece’s claims in the Aegean. Pakistan however IS a signatory of the UN Convention Law of the Sea and has therefore broken international law that it has signed onto.

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