Pakistani and Turkish Warships continue aggression against Greece in the Aegean

Translated from Pentapostagma

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In the Aegean and in the Mediterranean, there was a Pakistani warship along with the Turkish military for days, who continually violated Greek air and maritime space.

Ankara is now putting Islamabad in the game of challenges, something that the Greek military leadership has to keep in mind.

Erdogan sets up an axis aimed at damaging the interests of Greece. The Turks are at all costs trying to provoke a near-future military incident on the borders of three Exclusive Economic Zones (Greece-Cyprus-Egypt) in the Mediterranean, with the clear aim of initially interrupting investigations and conducting “discussions” on control of the area.

A few days ago, as reported by the Pentapostagma, Turkish General Staff Chief General Gassan Gasar Giller and Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa met at the Pakistani Army headquarters and this is important.

In recent days, the two countries have conducted a large-scale exercise called “Eastern Mediterranean 2019”.

Subsequently, the Turkish frigate and two rocket launchers, along with the Pakistani frigate Alambir, yesterday completed the Turgut Reis exercise.

Indeed, the Turkish Ministry has also released images of the exercise.

The ships were based on the Aksaz port.

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The base area today is 32 square kilometers covering a wide range of infrastructure. Two units of special forces of the Turkish Armed Forces have their headquarters in Aqaz. It’s the SAS (Sualtı Savunma, Underwater Defense) of the Navy. The second Special Forces unit based there is the SAT (Su Altı Taarruz, Underwater Attacks).

Developments are now underway and surely the tension will rise further in the Mediterranean.

Erdogan is determined to get rid of the Greek, Cypriot and Egyptian EEZs.

Translated from Pentapostagma.

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